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Where is Beira Interior?


Beira Interior is located in the center inland of Portugal.  And divided into three sub-regions.  These sub-regions are separated by mountain ranges.


For the wine lover, altitude is perhaps the characteristic that most easily defines Beira Interior.  This region is much more than its plateaus and mountains: from the diversity of the sub-regions to the uniqueness of the local grape varieties, through the fantastic heritage of the old vineyards and environmental preservation, Beira Interior is a whole reservoir of wine authenticity, where quality and difference always go hand in hand.

About us


With the majestic Marofa Mountain as a breathtaking background, between the valleys of the rivers Côa and Águeda, which flow into the international and neighboring Douro River, we find the beautiful and picturesque village of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.  A village that has long been recognized for its high quality wines.

It was during the 12th century that the Cistercian monks, who inhabited the nearby convent of Santa Maria de Aguiar, started the cultivation of vineyards and placed all their knowledge and mastery into the production of fine quality wines in this region.

Today, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo is the heir to the knowledge and art of these Cistercian monks.  Founded in 1956 by 154 members, it currently has 800 members.

Every Year, on harvest season, the cellar receives approximately 8.5 million kilograms (18 million pounds) of grapes obtaining a production of about 6.5 million liters of wine of which about 55% is white and the remaining 45% is red.

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In 2017, we opened a comfortable tasting room and launched a unique wine, Pinking, a salmon pink white, made with the Syrian variety, typical of the region. 

This was born from the master's degree of enologist Jenny Silva, who is in charge of the winery's production and who turned what was considered a defect into shape. 

On a guided tour, you get to know a little of the region's history, visit the cultivation of the vines, the production and bottling area, ending with wine tasting in its store and tasting room built to dignify your experience.


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